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A little about me!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2009 by mc02131

My name is Matt Cook, and I’m from Athens, Georgia.  I’m currently attending Georgia Southern University, and I’m a JR and a General Studies major concentrating in psychology, sociology, and public relations.  I’m not 100% sure however what I would like to do after I graduate, but I’m confident everything will work itself out!  I have a little sister,Hannah, who is 13 years old, and she is definately going through that middle school phase!  My mom works in Real Estate and my dad is a scientist.  I’m a HUGE Braves fan! I pretty much love all the Atlatna pro-teams!  I’m trying to learn the game of golf so I can eventually be decent at it, but im still struggling with it!  I’m really excited about the semester getting started and am confident it will be a great one!