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My Top 10 Tips for Job Interviews!!!

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1) Research the company you are going to get interviewed from before your big day!
2)See if you can figure out what kind of interview you are going to be given(traditional, panel, behavioral)
3)On the day of the interview BE ON TIME!!!!
4)Make sure you bring a profoloio with copies of your resume!!
5)Have atleast 2 pens and paper for note taking!
6)Try to STAY calm throughout the whole interview process(just be yourself)!!
7)Make sure you are dressed appropriately with formal attire.
8)When you answer questions about the company try to relate what you know about the company in your response. Match your career accomplishments to what the company is looking for.
9) Write down any questions you may have regarding the company you are being interviewed.
10)Senf a thank-you not to each individual you talked to at the interview.
CONGRATS!! Follow these step and you should be GOLDEN!!


“Wag the Dog” Movie Analysis

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Robert Deniro plays an unethical on soo many levels campaign strategest in the movie “Wag the Dog”. Deniro’s character, Conrad Bream, with the help of a movie producer ,Stanley Motts(played by Dustin Hoffman), come up with a fake or staged war to help save the presidents campaign.
I would definately affiliate Bream with an exenstentialist approash to Public Relations. To him the most “practical choice” at the time was ┬áto stage a war with Albania to take some attention off of the presidents mischevious actions with the young lady. Bream clearly exemplified the existentialist approach to satisfy himself and not the public or organizations code of ethics.
Bream’s actions displace many of the six core values in the Code of Ethics but none as much as the “Honesty” value which states: Adhering to the highest standards of accuracy and truth advancing the interest of clients and employers(Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics,78). Manipulating the public into believing the U.S. is at was with Albania is not honest by any means and certainly does not help the psychie of the public.
This is a great movie in that I believe it shows how easy it is for the media to manipulate the public of what is going on in the economy. The media is the dog and we the public are the tail. Why does a dog wag its tail? Because the dog is smarter than the tail and the dog can. Why does the media manipulate the public? Because as a whole the public is not as smart as the media and politicians.
Although I found this movie entertaining to watch, it did depict the PR practitioner in a negative view. Basically, he is looked at as a person who will lie, cheat, steal and do whatever he can do to satisy his own interest. He is embodied as a selfish person who does not care about the public.

Era’s in PR

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It’s amazing to me as I look back from the beginning of Public Relations to see where it has transgressed today. I would say the first hallmark for Public Relations would be the expantion of civilization to the western cutlure via the Press Agency. The city of Boston played a major role in the growing of Public Relations around 1900 with adopting the first publicity agency which was known as the publicity Bureau.
The Press Agency along with the Publicity Bureau paved the way for what in my opinion was the next great stepping stone for the growth in Public Relation and that is the use of Press Conferences from president Teddy Roosevelt. Another presidental figure who played a major role in Public Relations was Woodrow Wilson with the hiring of George Creel. Creel organized a massive Public Relations effort to unite the nation and to influence world opinion during World War 1. The hiring of Creel has in my opinion has been the biggest higharcy for Public Relations to this day because of what it did for the United States.
I would love to do soemthing in the P.R. field after I graduate because I like the direction in which P.R. is heading. Public Relation is constantly having to update itself because of more and new technology being used today throughout the world. As of next near an estimated 2 billion people will be on the internet and another estimated 2 million on cell phones. With P.R. constantly updating itself with the economy I see nothing but the field getting bigger and playing an even more active role in communications.