Era’s in PR

It’s amazing to me as I look back from the beginning of Public Relations to see where it has transgressed today. I would say the first hallmark for Public Relations would be the expantion of civilization to the western cutlure via the Press Agency. The city of Boston played a major role in the growing of Public Relations around 1900 with adopting the first publicity agency which was known as the publicity Bureau.
The Press Agency along with the Publicity Bureau paved the way for what in my opinion was the next great stepping stone for the growth in Public Relation and that is the use of Press Conferences from president Teddy Roosevelt. Another presidental figure who played a major role in Public Relations was Woodrow Wilson with the hiring of George Creel. Creel organized a massive Public Relations effort to unite the nation and to influence world opinion during World War 1. The hiring of Creel has in my opinion has been the biggest higharcy for Public Relations to this day because of what it did for the United States.
I would love to do soemthing in the P.R. field after I graduate because I like the direction in which P.R. is heading. Public Relation is constantly having to update itself because of more and new technology being used today throughout the world. As of next near an estimated 2 billion people will be on the internet and another estimated 2 million on cell phones. With P.R. constantly updating itself with the economy I see nothing but the field getting bigger and playing an even more active role in communications.


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