My Top 10 Tips for Job Interviews!!!

1) Research the company you are going to get interviewed from before your big day!
2)See if you can figure out what kind of interview you are going to be given(traditional, panel, behavioral)
3)On the day of the interview BE ON TIME!!!!
4)Make sure you bring a profoloio with copies of your resume!!
5)Have atleast 2 pens and paper for note taking!
6)Try to STAY calm throughout the whole interview process(just be yourself)!!
7)Make sure you are dressed appropriately with formal attire.
8)When you answer questions about the company try to relate what you know about the company in your response. Match your career accomplishments to what the company is looking for.
9) Write down any questions you may have regarding the company you are being interviewed.
10)Senf a thank-you not to each individual you talked to at the interview.
CONGRATS!! Follow these step and you should be GOLDEN!!


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