Chapter 6: Program Planning

The big idea this chapter discusses is the importance of what goes into program planning in Public Relations.  There are 8 question raised and the first deal with the situation.  Three situations often cause the need for a PR campaign: rededial, one time, and reinforcement situation.  The next step is the objective part which fullfills the need to understand or provide motivation or the public.   The next step is you have to know who your target audience is because you do not want to be advertising something where you will not gain a profit off of it!  The next two steps are to make a stratedy and come up with tactics of fullfill that strategy.  The next step is to develop some sort of calendar soo you have an idea of when you would like to have events done by and so you are able to make adjustments.  The last two steps are the budget and the evaluation.  You definatley want to have a precise and strict budget and make any preventions that will help you not go over your desired spendings for the campaign.  The final step is just to evaluate everything and make any necesary adjustments you may deem necessarry.


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