Chapters 8 and 9 review

The big point chapter right brings across is evaluation in Public Relations and how it’s “the measurement of results against objectives. This can enhance future performance and also establish whether the goals of management by objective have been met”(Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 210). The fact that around 4 or 5 % of Public Relation’s budget is used for evaluations and measurements shows the importance of area. Measurement is used for production, message exposure, audience awareness,attitudes, action, supplemental activites.
Chapter 9 discusses the importance of public opinion. The main catalyst in the formation of public opinion is public discussion. People who are knowledgable on specific issues can either be forman or informal opinion leaders. “Opinion “flows” from these leaders to the public often through the mass media”( Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 242). A major part of the public opinion is persuasion in PR. Persuasion is used to change or even out hostile opinion, make clear latent opinions and positive attitudes and conserve favorable opinions.


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