Seth Godin and Tribes

“In Seth Godin’s new book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, he outlines how “tribal” management is poised to dominate our current marketing era. He emphasizes that the most valuable asset a company can grow is the trust and permission to deliver “anticipated, personal and relevant messages” to people who crave authentic connections, rather than just another branded product or service.”(

He wants companies to focus on expanding their individual tribes, and he believes that to be a sufficient organization that coninually creating superb products and services is necessary.
I think the big issue Godin is trying to convey is that companies need more of an outlet than just TV to expose their products. As he exclaimed,”So, when TV dies, what happens? The ecosystem is sick. The entire pyramid wobbles. It’s not going to be easy for companies like this to adjust because I’m not talking about a new topping on their existing sundae. I’m arguing that the future belongs to leaders, to groups, to remarkable agents of change. Is that them?” Connecting with other organizations or Tribes” allows the company to expand and as Godin says “when a company becomes a leader, when it connects a tribe, it is far more powerful than any ordinary brand could ever be”.


One Response to “Seth Godin and Tribes”

  1. lynndsey Says:

    I think he was a great speaker! he kept my attention throughout the video. Great comment!

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