Summary of Ch. 11 for Public Relations

This chapter brought up some great points about Public Relations and the diverse mutlicultural audience the public relation’s practitioner must be aware of in his/her campaigns and strategies. This is especailly important now more so than ever because “the demographics of the Unites States is becoming more multicultural. Hispanics, by 2050 will constitute about 25 percent of the population….the ethnic media in the country is rapidly developing, and there are many Spanish speaking media outlets”(PR Strategies and Tactics,297). Another group that is growing is the gay community, and as a reslult a number of companies are advertising in gay public relations. I do not believe I have ever seen such a thing, so if somebody can give me an example of a particular case where gay P.R strategies were involved i’d really appreciate it! In a nutshell the United States is more diverse now than ever, and it is essential to the PR practioner to be aware of the different cultures that they are advertising to. A good example of this would be the Atlanta Braves. I’m a huge Braves fan, and on their commercials trying to get people excited for the season I thought it was really interesting how they included the ARMY in there advertising. I thought about it and it definatley seems like a great PR move to have men and women being interviewed wearing ARMY outfits talking about the upcomikng season because that certainly had a positive effect on many viewers who saw the add.


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