Corporal Punishment

2 Responses to “Corporal Punishment”

  1. whitneychilds Says:

    I agree with you when you say it’s okay to spank your child (in the right content) to show them right from wrong but really I don’t think spanking really helps discipline a child, it just scares them but that doesn’t mean they won’t do the same bad thing again, I’m not a parent but just from my own childhood experience the worst way to punish me was to take away a privilege or something of extreme value to me (being able to go out with friends, my car or cellphone etc.) I agree with you 100 percent when you say its wrong to let a teacher or some other adult other than the parent spank or punish the child.

  2. ashleyprisfunrenfroe Says:

    I am really liking your posts on debating issues such as this one and immigration and abortion! Everyone has their own opinion and that’s what your own blog is for.

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