10 Important /Suprising Facts I Learned In Into to PR this Semester

This has been a great semester and I have learned many valuable things that will help me out if I decide to make a career in Public Relations after graduation. I learned way more than 10 things I would consider important, but here are a lost of 10 that I thought I would share. Hopefully, I can even help others out with my list. In no particualr order:

1) The first topic we discussed in class was the 4 step PR process: Research (what the problem is), Action (what we are going to do), Communication (how to tell the public), and Evaluation (did you reach the audience and what kind of effect did you have).

2)I learned the Public Relation’s professional makes ethical decisions to satisfy the public interest, the employer, the professional organization’s code of ethics, and his own personal values.

3)I learned that when interviewing for a job it is important to figure out what kind of interview process the meeting is going to be (traditional, panal, or behavioral).

4) It is never good to use the term “General Public” to target an audience, but instead be more specific with an age range, group, and etc.

5)When persuading an audience, do not oversimplify complex situations into simple, two valued, either/or, polar views or choices.

6) When communicating during a crisis never say,”No comment”. It sounds like you or the organization is trying to cover up something when the phrase is used.

7) PR practitioners should use local print and broadcast media to reach diverse publics because of the high credibility.

8)  Hispanics, by 2050 will consist of about 25% of the population, so reaching diverse racial and ethnic groups is becoming much more important for the PR practitioner.

9) PR practioners use computers in many ways which some include: dictation and voice generation, online conferencing, processing of news releases, and desktop publishing. These are just a few of the ways in which the PR pro will use a computer, so familiarity computers is essential.

10)The 5 ways in which publicity materials may be distributed are by mail, fax, email, electronic wire services, and Web pressrooms.


One Response to “10 Important /Suprising Facts I Learned In Into to PR this Semester”

  1. Cinnamon Cameron Says:

    This is a good list, Matt! Number 4 is one that you will definitely need to keep in mind when you get into your Campaigns class!

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