Chapter 2 PRCA 3330

One Response to “Chapter 2 PRCA 3330”

  1. I’m a PR major and several of the classes I’m taking right now are talking about “target markets.” Just thought I’d share some things I’ve learned recently that I found interesting and correlates to the class. In my marketing class we were talking about what would you want to target a cereal like Lucky Charms to? The first response was children. I thought the same thing because everyone knows they put the characters with big eyes and games on the back for them. However, it’s the mother’s who buy the actually product. Mother’s do not care if there is tick-tack-toe on the back- they are more for if it contains less sugar, healthier compared to another, price, etc. My point I’m trying to make: don’t exclude a target market that might be the most beneficial and ultimately the decision maker on buying the product.

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