Curious how the baseball trading process goes?

Ok, I was bored and thinking the other day about random things (which is an often occurance for me) and I got to thinking about what happens to players particuarly in baseball when they get traded in mid-season. I can think of countless times when a player say gets traded from New York to Arizona and that player is in the starting line-up the very next day for their other team hundred of miles away. How do they move from point A to point B soo fast?
Well, the answers obvious in that they fly, but I mean like how do they get all there stuff (clothes, valuables, furniture,and etc) to the city they were traded to? Does the team that traded for them send people in the organization to their house/apt. and move their belongings for them? Obviously, the player traded does not have time to look f0r a place to stay when they are traded, so does the organization set them up with a place or does a player on the team volunteer to let them stay with them? There have been players traded to3-4 different teams/cities in a season, so I can imagine how mentally stressful that must be. So, if anyone knows how this process works I’d love to hear!


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