Grammar Girl’s Website: Week 2

One Response to “Grammar Girl’s Website: Week 2”

  1. Hey Matt! This sounds really funny. I can imagine you laughing in the middle of the library about this. I think the worst one of all the ones you mentioned was the Book of Tits. I hate that word, and I am pretty sure your right about that being one embarrassing hiccup.
    This also makes me a little nervous about my own emails or memos. If these professional people are making these kind of mistakes, there is no telling what kind of mistakes I have made. I have sent about 100 different emails out to my teachers, and I know they aren’t perfect.
    I have also heard a few of these kinda of things. When I was in high school one of my math teachers brought in a list of typos on church bulletins. My favorite one was an announcement for the wight watchers club. The announcement was for the members to use the back double doors instead of the front door. It was so funny because it was like the bulletin was saying that the members of the weight watchers club were too big to fit through the front single door so they had to use the double doors on the back of the church. hahah

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