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To Author: Rawlins, Caroline Link:; April 26, 2010:Alright now, dont make fun of me but I was actually intriuged and became a weekly regular of The Bachelor this past season. I cant remember his name (Jake wasnt it?), but after it all ended and evertyhing thats come out of it…I highly doubt he was on the show for “love”. I personally could not believe the girl he picked. I dont even think they are together anymore . Didnt he cheat on her with a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars”? Yah, thats another thing…dont you think it’s kind of ironic he ends up on “Dancing with the Stars” immediately after The Bachelor ended? I dunno, at first the guy seemed likeable and genuine, but after everything folded into place….I def. think he was in it for all the wrong reasons.

Author: Woodward, Lo  Link April 26, 2010: Hey! I appreciate the comment about our career fair! I was soo nervous going into it! I did not think anybody was going to show up but luckily we ended up getting over 70 people which wasnt great but I will definately take it! Thats awesome about you taking care of your nana! I think thats great. I’m really close to my grandma (or mema as I like to call her) as well. Also an interestin g tid-bit on the fact you refuse to pay more than $10 for clothes. I’m the same way (atleast when it comes to money) in that I’m verrrrrryyyyyyyy stingy. Wow! You have switched majors a good bit! I’m the same way. I started off as business mang. then switched to Phys ed. and now im general studies with a concentration in Psych, and Soci, with a minor in Public Relations. Anyways, good luck with the rest of the semester! Almost Done!!!

To Author: sarahgricius Link: mc02131  April 26, 2010 at 9:47 AMthats awesome! Right now the Bravos need all the help they can get and if it’s having a good flying partner like Delta then I’m all for it! haha….but seriously that is really cool…I’m guessing they have been the official airline for the Braves ever sense they moved to Atlanta from Milwakee way back in in the 60′s (I believe it was 1966 if I remember correctly. Did you read how many teams in MLB use Delta as their traveling provider? I’ve only flown a few times but the few times I did it was on Delta, and I cant say anything but good about my experience flying with them. I could not believe your comment on how “Delta Air Lines Serves more than 160 million customers each year. With its global network, Delta and the Delta Connection carriers offer service to 355 destinations in 65 countries on six continents. Delta employs more than 70,000 employees worldwide”. Wow!! So I can imagine the CEO/President of Delta is making a p.r.e.t.t.y good living for himself! anyways…happy blogging and GO BRaves!

To Author: Yates, ChrisLink: Yah man, I was in class the day we watched that show. It was an eye opener for me in terms that I’ve never seen a PR industry being portrayed as a major stressful job. That is one aspect Sex and the City fails on is there ability to show the stressful side of working in a PR firm. There are many stereotypes on Kell on Earth. Most of the individuals working in the firm are young females and they are portrayed as being somewhat “snotty”. The only guy character on the show (Andrew Mukamal) is gay and that is a definite stereotype for men who work in the PR Industry.
The event the firm was working on in the first episode turned out to be a disaster. Everyone in the firm was freaking out because they werent able to get the seating list printed correctly and they were just far behind. I think the firm needed more specialized workers. There were people with certain job titles doing jobs that other people should have been in charge of. The office seemed way to unorganized and the office environment seemed way to stressful because of that. If all their events are like that then I dont know if I could work for a PR firm, but I’m sure there’s a way around the chaos if everyone in the office is on the same page and working together.
Despite the hectic atmosphere portrayed in the first episode of Kell on Earth, I believe this show will be good for the PR Industry. It gives individuals a look at the stressful side of PR and not just the glamorous life it can bring as popular shows such as Sex and the City portray. I think a lot of people choose PR as a major because of what they see in those types of shows, but Kell on Earth show Public Relations as actual “work” with the stress involved that most jobs create.

To Author: O’Sullivan, LaurenLink:
I’m pretty new to blogging myself Lauren. I havnt been on WordPress in over a year sense I took Professor Nixon in Intro. Let me know if you ever need any help.  By: mc02131  February,16 2010

To Author: Rawlins, Caroline ; Link: on April 27, 2010:  I definately understand where you are coming from! I’m sooooo stressed out! These last 2 weeks of school are kicken me in the rear, but thats the price you pay when your a Sr. and you’re taking 21 hours trying to graduate. There is no way I would have taken 21 hours any other semester but my last one in college. I can see the finish line so it’s beareable! I can definately relate to you as well regarding the aspect of how its soo hard to do your school work when the weather is soo nice outside, and you just want to relax and lay by the pool. School is exactly the last thing on my mind when its 80 degrees and sunny outside. i’m just happy after these last 2 weeks of school I’m done for good! Anyways, I hope you do well on your finals!

To Author: Whitener, LaurenLink: April 26, 2010Those are some good tips for Writing Social Media! Here are some I came up with…
-Include links to pages where multiple instances of your key words/phrses reinforce your message.
-Place terms in key positions like headlines and first paragraphs.
-Distribute a release through a service that carries hyperlinks to downstream sites such as Yahoo! Finance, AOL News, and Netscape.
-Use short headlines and subheads to highlight main points and interest. They should not just be a repeat of the lead paragraph.
-Make it clear how your announcement is relevant for the editors’ readers
-Look for creative ways to tie your announcement in to current news or trends.
-Do not overdo it. It’s important to write colorfully and to include decriptions of people, places and events, but do not write poetry when you want press.

Author:Dudley, Jessica Link:  I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job so far from what I can see on your blogging. Already posting videos and everything. Pretty impressive! Feel free to call me whenever this semester if you need any help with this class. I’ll actually probably end up being the one who needs your help! Anyways, great job so far..keep it up!By: mc02131 February 16, 2010. 

To Author: O’Sullivan, Lauren: Link: on April 27, 2010: Thats cool so your from Woodstock? Thats in Atlanta right? I’m from Athens and havelived there my whole life up unitl college. Thats cool that you played soo many sports in high school! I played baseball my whole life and it was sooo wierd once I got to college and no longer played. How excited are you for the semester to be over and all this work?! Wow, I’m not going to lie, this has been one of the toughest semesters I have ever experienced in college. I’m taking 21 hours and can only do so for that matter because it’s my last semester! I cannot wait to graduate and I bet you feel the same way that I do! I can relate to what you say how “That job also made me into the hard worker that I am today, even though I hated having to work when some of my friends had free time, I’m thankful now for everything I learned from that experience.” I worked in a fast food (Chick File) a few eyars ago and have a new appreciation for people who work in the restaraunt business. Its not easy! Anyways, good luck the rest of the semester!

To Author: lawzta : Link: on April 27, 2010 yah we watched the show “Kell on Earth” in my Event management class and I didnt know what to think. I kind of enjoyed it because they (the media) seemed to show the PR industry in a different light thn what they normally do. Normally when you see a PR Practitioner portrayed in teh media you jsut see teh glamor and glory that the job can provide (ex. Sex and the City). “Kell on Earth” however is in a different category than these other shows. It shows how stressful the job can actually be. I remember the first episode. WOW is all I can say because that seemed like the most stressful job in the world…. Meeting deadlines for events whie having to plan like 10 other evetns around the same time and making sure everybody you are setting up for is happy with all the minor details…yah…it can be a tough job! The only aspect of the show that I didnt like to much was that it seemed to just show the stereotypical people you thik of when you think of PR. In my case, I’m a guy and the main guy in the show (Kells assistant) is gay I just think they are kind of beating a dead dog with that one because its not “normal” I guess so to speak to think of straight men in the PR Event Mang. Industry. I dunno thats my little rampage. Good luck with the rest of the semester and happy blogging!

Author:Candler, RebeccaLink: Interesting information! I personally
would pick AngelinaAngelina over Jennifer A. any day of the week. Brad Pitt is my favorite actor,and I to am interested now to see how all this turns out. I hope these are all rumors and he stays with Angelina.


T Author: sarahgricius Link: April 26, 2010; Those are good points! Here are some of the key points the chapter I noticed:
-Regular one-on-one contact with journalists helps the organization accomplish its objectives.
-”Tabloid television” and “trash TV” are so called because they concentrate on the sensational, and have used the façade of traditional journalism on what is pure entertainment.
-Public relations is dependent on the media because media gatekeepers are generally perceived as more objective than public relations people.
-Leaning forward when you’re talking in an interview is good technique.

Author:Thomas, BeccaLink: I totally agree with you about how blogging can be very useful when individuals blogg ideas back and forth. Yes, you said it 100% correct with “If there were no commenting, then I know the blogging world would not be what it is today, if it even would exist still for that matter.” I’m actually getting to the point where I’m really enjoying this blogging. It’s starting to get to where its really not even work anymore. It’s pretty fun!

Author: Teal, JessicaLink: That was a funny article wasnt it?!! I to laughed out loud when I read the example about the man who printed the cards for the church which said “holy massage from God.”How embarrassing would that actually be to be the person who sent that out?!I’ve def. had my fare share of typing mistakes. I hope nothing to the extreme as the examples in the article, but I guess that’s the whole point of the article is to emphasize how important it is to read over what you wrote before you actually send it out.

Author: Dudley, JessicaLink: at you showing off that sports IQ of yours! I liked the McDonalds commercial as well, but my as a whole I think Budlight (as always) came out with the best commercials like they seem to do every Super Bowl. Whoever is there marketing and advertising director just does a great job! They always associate Budlight with a good time in the commercials and they always just crack me up! I like the direction Snickers has gone with the whole “filling you up” campaign. That one commercial where the guy ask his friend where his hunger has gone and his friend replies, “I dunno..maybe Germany?” I just thought was brilliant. Anyways, keep up the good blogging Jessica!

Author: Anna\’s Blogging Adventure, Link:     I agree, I think it’s rediculous how much the blogging/social networking world has bloomed over the years (especailly the last 2-3). I see it as being both negative and positive. Negative first..many bad roomers about individuals have been instigated through such sites..there have been instances of people being fired/fined at their jobs as a result of info. they posted on a social networking site…There are some positives however…these sites can work the other way and help someone land a job or get their work out their and can act as another sort of resume so to speak…It’s also a great way for companies to look at the public opinion about their work/product/etc…I guess it just matter which way you look at it…for me I’m still learning and trying to be careful with what I post/blogg about.

Author:Dudley, Jessica; Link: post Jessica! I agree with everyone of your statements but my favority are: 1. Nothing in subject lines in an email….I mean, why would you read an email if you dont even know what it is talking about? For all you know it could be spam or something. 7. Not meeting deadlines…my reason, I cant stand lazy people and late stuff is no bueno. 2. News Release Spam…reason, spam is ANNOYING. 4. Using excessive Hype about a certain product or event…very annoying when this occurrs.. Avitar is the perfect example of this for me.

Author:Candler, RebeccaLink:http://rcandle2.wordpress.comI def. agree with you on that statement! “You only get one chance to make a first impression, make it count…”.  That is so true and especially for a job interview it’s really important to make a good first impression.  I’ve never heard a person of authority say something like, “he/she didnt impress me that much in the interview last week.  I think i’ll give him another chance to prove he can be a valuable asset to the organization”.  No I dont think you will ever hear something like that, so yes, first impression are VERY important for the job interview.

Author: Anna\’s Blogging Adventure, Link: http://annalg.wordpress.comIt’s wierd how negative news about celebreties often turn around end eventually end up benefiting them isnt it? Another example is Erin Andrews who was also asked to be on Dancing with the Stars. She is a sideline broadcast reporter for ESPN, and was not that big of a celebrity until the controvercy occurred with the “peeping tom” guy filming her through through a hole in her hotel room. That negative event took her to another level and now she is more famous because of it and ended up on a show like Dancing with the Stars.

To Author: O’Sullivan, LaurenLink:…once you get the hang of twitter and stuff it’s actually pretty fun and addicting as well!  One of my favorite aspects of the site is it gives you the opportunites to interact and follow your favorite athletes, celebreties, and politicians.  Jason Heward, the rookie phenom for the Braves, is on twitter and does a lot of intereacting with the fans and I think thats great.  There have also been a lot of contrvercial “tweets” made by celebreties, so that aspect is appealing to me as well!  Anyways, happy tweets! 🙂

To Author:Dudley, Jessica  Link: jessica, i remember when I started using twitter in Spring of last year during my intro class with professor nixon. ….i would definately encourage you to keep up with it…it’s a great tool for networking with individuals and getting your name out there…it seems like my first semseter using it it just boomed in popularity…there was controvercy surrounding some type of celebrety or athlete every week in the media it seemed.  anyways good luck and happy tweets! :)Comment by mc02131 | April 14, 2010

To Author: O’Sullivan, LaurenLink:’s pretty cool isnt it how you can follow some of your favorite celebs on Twitter? I remember when I first started using Twitter about a year ago and started following the likes of Charles Barlkley, John Mayer, and even President Obama…it’s soo cool I think you can connect with these types of people! Just recently I started following Jason Heward who is the new super star for the Braves (I’m a HUGE Braves fan) and I follow him regularly because he constantly updates and lets the fans know whats going on…its really cool…anyways…happy blogging!By: mc02131 on April 26, 2010
at 6:29 pm

Author: Dudley, JessicaLink: jessica, how excited are you that the semester is coming to an end!? Just wanted to say your blog looks great and you have come a long way sense your very first blog! How has Chick Fi-le job been goin for you? I think it’s awesome you are already interning and getting experience in the PR field. I’m graduating this semester and thats something I cant say! Didnt you say you were going to be taking Event Managment next semester?! If so I really think you are going to enjoy that class. I just took it this semester and it has been one of my favorite classes I have ever takin in college! Hope all your grades turn out well this semester and let me know if you are in Athens in over the summer! Good luck buddy

Comment by mc02131 | April 27, 2010 <!– @ 4:12 am –>|

To Author: lawzta Link:; April 26, 2010:  Those are good notes I talked about how to prepare fact sheets, advisories, media kits, and pitches. I was not very familiar with any of these topics prior to reading this chapter (6). Media kits include a news release, fact sheet, and background information. A fact sheet is a list of facts a reporter can use as a quick reference when writing a story. A fact sheet is also a one-page background sheet about an event, a product, or an organization. It’s always important to remember to follow up on your “pitch”. One of the few things I read that I did already know in chapter 6 was that FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.


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