PR Connections: How Tiger Woods has handled his whole sex scandal

Ok, so after listening to Tiger Wood’s apology the other day I was quite impressed with how he handled and thought that it should have been a big positive step in his return back to the PGA tour. Apparently, I’m one of the only few people (atleast when comparing myself to the media) who feels this way. All I heard when I listened to talk shows ,after he gave his apology speech, was that he sounded to mechanichal in his speech, someone else wrote it for him, he wasnt sincere, his PR people were wrong with how they handled the whole situation and etc. I don’t understand what all these people were expecting from Tiger’s apology because I thought it was quite sincer and he hit on everything he needed to and then some. He doesnt even owe the public an apology for his private life but he did so anyway. He was scrutinized for when he gave his apology because a lot of the PGA players thought it was disrespectful to them for giving it the day of there tournament, but he had to because he just got out of rehab and was heading back to it after he gave his speech. Anyways, he hit on evertyhing he needed to and I thought gave a great statement when he mentioned how he is not going to be able to apologize to his wife in words but with his actions over time. He even apologized for his actions on the gold course throughout his career (cursing, throwing clubs, etc) and said his actions even on the course are going to change. The only thing I would have done differently for his speech was leave out the steroid comment. It was kind of out of the blue and did not have anything to do with his apology. I dont think he should have done anything but be apologetic and sincere during the conference but for the most part he was. So what does everytbody else think? I thought Tiger’s PR people handled the situation well and Tiger should have been praised by the media for his speech. Am I the only one who thinks this? What does everybody else think?


One Response to “PR Connections: How Tiger Woods has handled his whole sex scandal”

  1. Hello, there. I read what you had to say and I think I could give an answer to your question. The reason why people have come down on Tiger’s speech is that it has already been given over and over by those individuals who were caught with their pants down. (i.e. Mark Sanford) Tiger “apologized” to those that matter which does not include you or I. I agree that Tiger should have never apologized. Check out my post.

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