Topic of the Week 6: What makes a story newsworthy

Tips retrieved in Public Relations Writing 6th Edition

Here’s some things that make a topic newsworthy. Here what I’m doing for my client…
To increase awareness about my client, Monique Dipple, and her dept. on campus (The Department of Environmental Safety),I would like to get her dept. in hte news somehow. There are various tactics that can be used to make the dapartment newworthy to increase the dept. awareness around the Statesboro community. These tactics include contest (ex.prize for who can recycle the most), special events (ex.have a “big name” on campus to discuss environmentals awareness), polls and surveys (ex.have a poll in the newspaper about how much you recycle), top 10 lists (ex. list top 10 polluters in newspaper),stunts(ex. if campus recycles enough in 1 week, school will be canelled for a day), product demonstrations (ex. have a “big name” demonstrate the importance of environmental safety), rallies and protest (ex. have a “recycling rally” on campus with fun events at the rally to get people to come), personals appearances (ex. department speaks to students on campus), and awards (ex. Dept. of Env. Safety gives out some reward).
These are all ideas that can give my client and her department (Dept. of Env. Safety) some quality news time.


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