Topic of the Week:Week 7: One Week of Twitter

I have really enjoyed using Twitter for the time in a while that I have been on it. I love how simple the site is to communicate and network with other people. I suprised myself after the first week of just getting back on the site with how much I got on it, and after hearing about all the success stories with people on Twitter i’m going to continue using it more frequently.  One individual I have communicated with the most shares the same passion I do for the Braves. Infact, I believe he is involved within the Braves organization in some aspect but I have not asked him yet. My dream is to work in the front office of one of my favorite sports teams, and networking with individuals who share my passion for organizations such as the Atlanta Braves will only help my chances of getting my dream job. Being the sports fan I am thinks it’s soo cool to be able and follow guys you see on TV and in a way get updates on whats going on their lives. Some of the celebreties I am following include: Lance Armstrong, David Letterman, Charles Barkley, Dwayne Johnson or as most know him by “The Rock”, John Mayer, Jalen Rose, Dwight Howard, and many more. I had no clue Twitter was as popular until I started hearing countless stories related to it on the news. I remember a while ago NBA star Charlie Villanueva of the Millwakee Bucks sent out a “Tweet” during halftime and the coach was not happy to say the least because he thought it made it look like his players were not “into the game”. Sports talk radio and ESPN just had a field day with that and I found it very intruiging. There have been many similar instances involving celebreties and Twitter.  Ever sense these instances i’ve been trying to find as many celebreties on Twitter as I can and see what they have to “Tweet” about. Other than celebreties Twitter has been useful in that it’s a great Public Relations tool for companies and organizations. If your a big sports fan like me you may want to follow espn / ESPN Sports News and Crystal_ESPN / Crystal Howard/ESPN. They send out updates on what ESPN is going to cover each night let the public know of any events going on in the sports world. Twitter is definately a great PR tool and while following these two I have seen the influence Twitter can have on a PR Professional. Other than sports reporters I have benefitted from following PaulIngersole / Paul Ingersole. He does online advertising work and following his updates has been especially beneficial for me because I can see myself doing something similar as himself. I’ve come to really enjoy Twitter, and I am very glad my Public Relations Writing teacher,Mrs. Nixon, influenced the class to get on the web-site. I would strongly urge anyone to follow her as well on twitter if you are not already ( If you would like to reach me on Twitter you can do so by reaching me at Hope to get a “tweet” from you soon!


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