Topic of the Week 8: The News Lead

This week we looked at a lab on  NewsU The Lead Lab and it was very beneficial for me as it pointed out some great points to consider when writing a lead for a particular story. Leads are one of the first and most important ways to get a readers attention. To write a good lead you need to consider the 5 W’s and H (what happened, who did it happen to, where and when did it happen, and how did it happen). With this knowledge you need to ask yourself whats the news and whats the story about. The site gives 3 key suggestions that experienced reporters use when they are trying to find a good lead: 1)try to put yourself in the role of the viewer;2)Interview your best source which is yourself;3)Dont spend all your time on a lead because you can revise it later. When revising your lead it’s always a good idea to read your lead outloud to hear how in sounds. It’s also good to see which words you can eliminate from the lead to stop yourself from sounding too wordy. Finally, one of the most important things is to make sure your lead is accurate and clear. One thing that really suprised me was that the site mentioned how it’s sometimes ok to start a lead off with a quote, but in general you want to avoid it. These were some of the great tips I got from reading over NewsU The Lead Lab.


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