The Power of Persuasion

5 Responses to “The Power of Persuasion”

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this post. I love learning about the power of persuasion and I really liked how you compared it to Tiger Wood’s most recent speech.It’s interesting how you broke Tiger Wood’s speech into the four elements ofpersuasion . Also, I completely agree with the whole notes thing. I don’t think reading an apology off a piece of a paper is a big deal. I mean just think of it as a guy reading a poem to his lover. Wouldn’t he rather get it right than pause and have to look at the notes. I also liked how you pointed out

  2. This was a really good post. I am interested in the power of persuasion (hopefully I can get into Grahams persuasion class next semester). I understand that Tiger needed his notes to help him remember what to say because I can imagine how nerve wrecking a nation-wide interview must be. However, the way that he read directly from his notes made his apology seem less sincere. Although he did not owe anyone outside of his family an apology, but since he did it, he should have seemed more sincere. When all else fails with an apology, break out the tears. Even if they were not real, its sad to say, but he would have won the public’s opinion. I agree that he chose the wrong channel of communication and that radio would have been more effective. I learned a lot reading your blog. Thanks.

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  4. I think that Tiger Woods tried his best and if I was in his position I would not even give the media an apology. I think that private matters, especially affairs, are private. I do not consider this to be a subject that can affect me personally so therefore I do not see my or the media’s rights to intrude and then scrutinize his speech. I did, however, enjoy reading about the four elements of persuasion. I think that they are each important and I hope to take and use those four elements to my benefit when doing my next speech or paper.

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