PR Connections :Really impressed with Atlanta Braves PR/Marketing

4 Responses to “PR Connections :Really impressed with Atlanta Braves PR/Marketing”

  1. I love the BRAVES! Their marketing isn’t too shabby either. I think the bobby’s last season is a great approach to marketing for this year. I feel like the last home game at Turner Field for Mr. Cox will be a sad day but a packed house.

    Another good way that Braves marketing works is inside the game. Turner Field is such a great traditional atmosphere for baseball. Once you go to one game you are sure to be back for more games.

    So, to get people into Turner Field I feel like the commercials on TBS will do the trick. The commercials get everyone pumped up with the fast pace music and all the great video clip of the braves doing what they do best….winning.
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Brittany rollings Says:

    Maybe ticket sales have been declining because people are too focused on other sports out there. I know that whenever I am on campus which is all the time, I will go into the Cafe and I will see people circled around the big screen t.v. watching football. I think that the commercials people put on the screen help to generate an audience because with the loud music and evergy of the players your adrenaline rises and you are being attentive.

  3. Living only twenty minutes away from Turner Field, I have also grown up as a Braves fan and really enjoy going to the games. It is such a great atmosphere because before the game you can tail-gate with friends and family and then go to the game and if you are feeling up to a night out on the town, Buckhead is not too far away. I do agree that the Braves marketing and PR are doing a great job in trying to sell tickets, but another aspect they should focus on is the experience. Just in general, they should talk about the tail-gating and night life that surrounds the stadium, because although they probably want some money for the concession stands, people will be more likely to show up if they know they don’t have to pay $12 dollars for a meal, but if they get thirsty a $4 drink would not burn that big of a hole in their pocket. Not matter what, the stadium will get money from their customers one way or another, but the PR professionals should focus on the experience of a baseball game instead of just getting rid of tickets.

    -Sarah Gricius

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