Would like some reactions to my reaction paper…

3 Responses to “Would like some reactions to my reaction paper…”

  1. Great reaction paper Matt! I liked your forewarning at the beginning, that was funny. I feel the same way about hip hop music. It gives off the message that little boys have to be tough, get money, and treat women like “hoes.” It isn’t a good thing for the youth of this country to be influenced by this music. I admit, I like to listen to hip hop sometimes, but children minds are like sponges, they absorb EVERYTHING they hear and take it to heart. I saw a youtube video of this kid who stole his grandmother’s car and took it to town to get candy. When the police asked him why he did it he said, “because I want to be hood.”
    Happy Blogging!

  2. This is a great reaction paper and interesting documentary!
    I can understand and agree with things you pointed out as well as make some other points as well:

    – Some of the “models” in these music videos today definitely dress very provacatively or they barely dress at all. This is a horrible image for youth both male and female growing up and being exposed to women on TV dressing and dancing sexually! Even as a teenager, my mom and dad did not allow my younger sister and I to watch music videos on MTV, BET, or VH1. They did not want us to be tainted by the booty-shakers and hoodrats.
    – Some black people try to justify the use of the N-word by saying that if it is used ending in “-gger” only then is it offensive, but if it is used ending in “-gga” that is might be acceptable even by an “urban” white person. I do not agree with this “JUSTIFICATION” but I have heard many African-American say this about the N-word situation in interviews.
    – What can we do about it? Well, it would cause much controversy among older youth and young adults who are mature enough to enjoy these videos and music containing sex, drugs, and violence if we were to completely CENSOR or even eliminate everything that is offensive and harmful. So the bottom line is that it’s the parents’ complete responsibility to monitor what their children watch and what age they want to allow their mature son or daughter to be able to listen to music/movies/videos/magazines that are potentially harmful to their values. But as you stated, some kids unfortunately are not blessed with parents or guardians or even role models to take on this difficult task and are left alone for long periods of time with MTV and BET with no adult (or responsible adult) supervision! As citizens, we could try to volunteer our time then to children in the community via Boys & Girls Club, Girl/Boy Scouts, recreational sports groups, etc. in order to take part (even if we only play a small part) in the lives of kids.
    For example, a couple of my female friends and I dedicated one to two days per week last year via the Girl Scouts by going to different summer camps, day cares, and elementary schools teaching them values and character traits.

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