Topic of the Week: Week 13

Here are some reasons I believe PR people can drive Journalist NUTS! 

1) Sending them memo’s that are to long.

2) Sending out spam.

3) Not having a subject in the headline of an email.

4) Sending too many e-mails ….I HATE when I get e-mails from one particular person ALL the time. I can imagine this occurrs often for journalist.

5)A press release more than two sides long.

6)Making mistakes in news releases that are not factual

7)Not meeting deadlines

8)Calling a journalist to ask why a press release was not published

9)Excess hype words used in news releases (ex. Extravigant!)

10)Poorly written material and not knowing how to format correctly.


One Response to “Topic of the Week: Week 13”

  1. nicoleleigh2208 Says:

    I agree with everything you said, I think one of the biggest things is people’s work is not ready and that would drive me crazy if people came to me day after day with unpolished work.

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