PR Connections :My reaction/ evaluation to an event I attended earliar in the semester

Earlier this semester I attended a Drag Show in the Russell Union for extra credit in my Social Policy class. In case you are not aware of what a Drag Show is, it is a show where men dress up as women and put on a show dancing and flaunting off their “feminine” body. I would never ever attend this kind of event again, but sense it was for extra credit it was bearable. I’m pretty sure most of the students there were there for some type of extra credit opportunity. I have never been to a Drag Show before, but it seemed the overall purpose of the event was achieved. The purpose of the event to me at least was just to show off a different subculture. One aspect of the event I did like was after they danced and walked on the catwalk the “Ladies” took some questions from the audience which I stayed for.

I talked to a girl who went last year, and she said that show was a little better because the crowd was a more into it. They were missing their main performer so that could have been a reason. Overall, it was a well run show, and everything seem to run smoothly. The only aspect that could have been run better was getting into and out of the show because there were a lot of people there. I would have liked it if they let people out by roes, because everyone was trying to grab their extra credit on the way out and it was just a major hassle to get everybody through. I would have also liked it if they had drinks and popcorn available.


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