PR Connections :So why do I get negative reactions from people when I tell them I’m minoring in PR?

9 Responses to “PR Connections :So why do I get negative reactions from people when I tell them I’m minoring in PR?”

  1. I totally feel you on this one, because I’m an International Studies major and usually people’s reactions to that is “So what are you going to do, move to Europe and blast the U.S.”. I think a lot of people are misinformed about what PR majors/minors do, and I can admit I didn’t have a clue before I took this class. I think sometimes the public feels like they can’t trust PR professionals because of the way some firms operate, but they would be wrong. PR workers aren’t always manipulative, the same way Catholic priests aren’t all pedophiles, there are a few members of each profession that give the rest a bad name, warranted or not.

  2. I agree with what you have written. I find that switching from a Chemistry major to a PR major with just a minor in chemistry seemed to disappoint my parents. They did not say it out right but they did seem to change their expression when they talked about it. Others that I tell about being a PR major they always ask me what I am going to “really do”? I think that many people just do not understand the job of a PR practitioner and all the work and ethics that are practiced along with the job. I think that the public should be able to separate the media and all its fallacies from what the true goals of a PR practitioner are.

  3. First, let me say that Kristina’s comment about moving to “Europe and blast the U.S.” is hilarious, second I think that your uncle may be the member of a pretty large club of people who think Public Relations is a synonym for Lying Manipulations. The truth is, PR people present things at an angle, and angles are often bias. There are ethical ways of going about public relations and there are also ways to sell a product, brand, event, etc. without blatantly lying and manipulating the people. The best way to change the opinions of people is to show them through experience,- show them that PR people aren’t manipulators (and what better venue to do that then an event?? 🙂 )

  4. […] So Why Do I Get Negative Reactions From People When I Tell Them I’m Minoring in PR?; Matt […]

  5. I feel you on this subject Matt, I get very similar reactions when I reveal what my major is. I think this is the bottom line: Nobody really understands what public relations is and what it is used for. Have you ever tried explaining PR to someone else, only to find it difficult to relate the concepts to him/her? It’s difficult because PR professionals get a bad rap for being “flacks” or resorting to sly propaganda tactics. As we all know, this simply is not true, but in a way it reinforces some of the concepts that we learn in our PR classes. There are just certain conventional ways of thinking about something people don’t understand, and I think that is one of the true challenges for a public relations professional.

  6. I agree with a few of the other comments that were made to your post. People really don’t understand what public relations is. Whenever I mention my major to someone they always ask well what the heck are you gonna do with that? or why did you choose that major? I honestly think PR is a very imortant field to go into and every compnay needs PR at one moment or another. Journalists also need us and we need thme. Take it easy on the PR people, people!

  7. sharita wilkinson Says:

    I usually get the question’ what is PR?’ Honestly it is a hard thing to explain. When I tell them that we are a liaison between the public and the company, people still act as if they do not understand. Sometime I wonder if it is me or are they just dumb. I have never received the reaction that your uncle gave you. He seems to be misinformed about PR. Maybe he watched ‘Thank You for Smoking’. Good movie! But I think the entertainment industry gives PR a bad name. Some of the excuses that they give to the public are beyond a question of ‘why?’ Most use the same old thing and think that the public is too stupid to recongize the bull. This can sometimes tickle down to us in a negative way. Even if we are in two different PR fields.

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