My first event set up went great!

4 Responses to “My first event set up went great!”

  1. I am excited to hear that your Communications Career Fair went great! I definitely did not know about it until it was actually going on last Wednesday, or I would have stopped by myself. I think that it would have been a great way to meet people and to get my name out there. Hopefully another one could take place soon, either in the fall or early next Spring. I would like to be a part of it and even help if necessary!

  2. Hey! I am in that event management class and did my event for the fundraiser, which we sold snow-cones at Celebration South. I saw Y’all’s presentation today in class- Good to see your event went well! I was pretty nervous about our event getting enough people to come too, but luckily as people came for Celebration South, they made their way to our very lovely snow-cone stand! We actually were pretty successful, but you will hear more about that in our presentation on Wednesday! I bet you are glad yours is already done and over with! Good job with any last minute binder compilation though! I still got mine to tackle!

  3. I work with Emily so I know that you all had put a lot of work into the Communications Career Fair, so I am happy to hear that it went well! With the economy the way it is I’m sure that all 77 individuals greatly appreciated all the employers that came out to the event. You will be happy to know that a mass email was sent out to Communication Arts majors also. And any improvement is an improvement so congratulations on that achievement, I know it must be a relieving though that it is over! What was the most important aspect you learned from planning the event?

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