A Growing Trend for PR Professionals and defending Celebreties?

So after the whole Tiger Woods saga came out with the whole “sexual addiction” thing, I figured that was just Tiger’s Public Relations expert telling him that it would be a smart idea to enter rehab and “come clean” in his effort to transform his reputation. Apparently Tiger is not the only celebrety using this tactic as former ESPN broadcaster and Mets General Manager Steve Philips entered the same kind of rehab for “sexual addiction”. So I’m just wondering if this is going to be an ongoing trend for cheating celebreties to enter sex rehab. I would like feedback. Do yall think these are just desperate PR attempts to help their image?


2 Responses to “A Growing Trend for PR Professionals and defending Celebreties?”

  1. As a huge sports fan I believe that this is the only way for these athletes to try and save their image. Steve Phillips might get away with it a little easier because not as many people know him like they do Tiger Woods. As an avid fan of ESPN, I was shocked to hear the reports about Steve Phillips. I thought he was a great analyst for ESPN, and really knew what he was talking about. The biggest question will be if he gets back into broadcasting. The same thing happened to Harold Reynolds of ESPN but his sexual harassment was not as drastic as Steve’s was. Harold is now working for MLB TV and I enjoy listening to his insight whenever I get a chance. I don’t think it saves their image that much by going into sex rehab, but at this point I don’t see what else they could do.

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