1 week of Twitter!

I have really enjoyed using Twitter for the little time I have been on it. I love how simple the site is to communicate and network with other people. I suprised myself after the first week with how much I got on the site, and after hearing about all the success stories with people on Twitter i’m going to continue using it. I have really only communicated with one person on the site who I did not know beforhand, but I will definately be in communication with more people and i’m confident I will get benefits out of doing so. The one individual I have communicated with shares the same passion I do for the Braves. Infact, I believe he is involved within the Braves organization in some aspect but I have not asked him yet. My dream is to work in the front office of one of my favorite sports teams, and networking with individuals who share my passion for organizations such as the Atlanta Braves will only help my chances of getting my dream job.


One Response to “1 week of Twitter!”

  1. lindsayaddison Says:

    Since we starting using twitter quite a while ago, have you kept up with it? When I had my first PR class we had to join twitter and I got so ‘hooked’ at first and then found myself never getting on it anymore. After this go-around I tend to check it more often but not as much as I hoped. I enjoy reading what others say, however I do not care to know when people ‘go to eat, take a nap, ect…’ I want more substantial comments so it’s interesting to read! It is perfect during sporting events for fans that have a passion for the same team!

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