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Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Treatments

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Here’s some interesting research I did on Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you think you may be suffering from any type of anxiety based disorder you might want to read this.
Generalized anxiety disorder (often abbreviate GAD) “is characterized by multiple, excessive fears and worries about a range of issues including inclement weather, natural disasters, illness, risky situations, failure, and the future.” (Keeton, Kolos, walkup, 2009, p172). Sleeping, eating, and concentration patterns are often disrupted as a result of the disorder. In some cases, the anxiety causes people to eat more, but there are many instances where a person will not eat due to the illness and end up losing an unhealthy amount of weight. It is not uncommon to see a person’s grades or performance at work drop because of the concentration difficulties often associated with GAD. According to Keeton, Kolos, and Walkup (2009) many people with GAD seek out reassurance frequently and do not take any type of criticism well and as a result it often negatively affects peer relationships, as well as family functioning.
There are multiple treatments one can use if diagnosed with GAD. Medication and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are two of the top treatments many therapist use. Flouxetine and placebo are two of the most commonly used medications ,however, Keeton, Kolos, and Walkup did a study and found in a randomized controlled trial of fluoxetine, a fixed dose of 20 mg/day (n = 37) was superior to placebo (n = 37) after 12 weeks of experimentation (2009). Cognitive behavioral therapy proves to be very affective with GAD especially using the gradual exposure technique to the feared stimulus. for example, a person may be afraid of snakes, but after steadily being introduced to the feared stimulus (ex. begin by talking about it, then talk about it with pictures, then show a picture of a poisonous snake, then have a snake in the room as you talk about it) the anxiety gradually goes down. CBT does not work right away, and improvements are often not even seen until around the 10-16th session (2009). Both medication and the CBT are effective for treating GAD; however, it is most efficient to do the two treatments combined, if possible.


Would like some reactions to my reaction paper…

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The Power of Persuasion

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Attraction and Relationships

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Excited about the semester!

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Wow, I cannot believe this is my final semester of college! I’m so excited and scared at the same time. I’m so excited to be done, but I do not have a clue what I am going to be doing once I graduate and head off to the “real world”. I know te economy’s not that great right now, but I’m really confident that’s not going to stop me from landing a job of some sorts once I do graduate. I’m excited about using WordPress again. It’s been a while (sense my intro class) sense I have actually been on WordPress. I feel much more cofortable this time around using it! I really do believe I should continue to use WordPress even once PRCA 3330 is over because it’s another great networking opportunity. Anyways, if anyone in the class has any questions regarding WordPress do not hesitate to ask me!

Curious how the baseball trading process goes?

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Ok, I was bored and thinking the other day about random things (which is an often occurance for me) and I got to thinking about what happens to players particuarly in baseball when they get traded in mid-season. I can think of countless times when a player say gets traded from New York to Arizona and that player is in the starting line-up the very next day for their other team hundred of miles away. How do they move from point A to point B soo fast?
Well, the answers obvious in that they fly, but I mean like how do they get all there stuff (clothes, valuables, furniture,and etc) to the city they were traded to? Does the team that traded for them send people in the organization to their house/apt. and move their belongings for them? Obviously, the player traded does not have time to look f0r a place to stay when they are traded, so does the organization set them up with a place or does a player on the team volunteer to let them stay with them? There have been players traded to3-4 different teams/cities in a season, so I can imagine how mentally stressful that must be. So, if anyone knows how this process works I’d love to hear!


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